Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Waka tapu by Jeff Evans.

In a nutshell I learnt that there is a little nut inside it.

What is it about?
It is about the chiefs sailing to the other Islands.

Where did it happen?
It happened in Rapanui (Easter Island).

When did it happen?
It happened in 2012.                                              

Who are they talking about?
Their talking about the voyagers and their an sisters.

Why did they travel?
They traveled the world because they wanted to go Easter island.

How did they travel?
they traveled on their own big waka.

                                                         By Jordan.


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Trees for survival.

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            Trees for survival.
Did you no on NZ we have 23%8 we need to have 40% of grassland. Every time you sit under a tree shade you get fresh air under the tree shade that’s outside. Trees and land plants produce about 30% of the oxygen on earth, the rest  (70%) is produced by plants in the ocean (which are being impacted by polluted water.

Tree shades are important for us because If we don’t have tree shades it will kill a life. If we do plant If will plant a life. Whenever large parts of a forest tree are cut down, animals lose their houses and everything about the place where the trees grew changes.

Thank you santa for my present.

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               Thank you Santa.
Dear Santa.
Thank you for giving me my presents Last week and thank you for giving me a skateboard and a lunch box for my present that’s when I wrote the other Santa letter last week on monday. When I got my present I felt shocked and impressed when I sat down and opened my presents.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Maths Learning Test.

There are 48 lollies that have to be placed evenly on each sixth of the cake. How many lollies will be there on each sixth of the cake?
48 divided by 6=8

8 divided by 6=0.125.

Math Test

1. Block 3km+1km=4km½km+1km½km=2km.2km+4km=6km  
2. Tablet 12km+8km=20km.20km+20km=40km.
3. Forest block 11km+5km=16km.7 km+9km=16km. 16km+16km=32km.
4. Pic 14m+14m+18m+18m=32km. pic 56m+20m=76cm.14m+20m+14m+28m= 28m.

All That Glitters.

Stained Glass Fractions