Friday, September 8, 2017

The Fish of Maui.

                  The Fish of Maui.
When Maui went on the boat with his brothers Maui's brothers fell asleep on the boat. Maui knocked his nose with his jawbone in the morning. Maui began to throw the rope in the water with his jawbone on the rope he threw the rope in the water.

Once he felt a big thing and it was a stingray in the sea. The boat was struggling on the sea because the jawbone was tied on the rope then the jawbone began to get stuck on the biggest stingray in the world. The rope began to come up with the stingray.

Once Maui and his brothers jumped off the boat then they started smacking the stingray on it’s head. The sting ray began to turn into a big island. The island was the north island the north island is the stingray because Maui was smacking the stingray with his brothers. When Maui smacked the stingray with his brothers the stingray begin to die. That’s why the stingray turned into the north island in new zealand.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

who are moriori.

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        Who are the moriori.
When it was the 1916’s they made a school junior about the morioris the people said that the morioris are lazy stupid people with flat noses and very dark skins.they speak FIjI because they look like indians but they live a little bit far from new zealand there island is called the graved of the last moriori.