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2018 Blog Posts

My levels going down because I wasn't learning fast enough and my levels up because I was completing some of my learning.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Jordan-Tuakana Teina.

WALT: Learn from each other and to teach each other.
Tittle-How we made a survival earthquake house.
Wow! Yesterday on Wednesday Room 8 went down to Room 3 in the afternoon to build
a house that can survive the longest in this big, shaking earthquake.    

Firstly, when Room 8 students went down to Room 3 to Ms Gormlie in the afternoon.
I felt excited because we were building house´s that can survive through the whole thing
of an big, long, shaking earthquake.

Secondly, when we got to make a house that can stay the longest we made our house with a
drain pipe that takes dirty water away, a front door with another door at the back yard for
when you can go and get some air or when you got to go somewhere. The last part we put
windows on the house we made.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018



WALT:Using your listening skills.

How to make a Chatterbox.

I done this chatterbox with all Room 8 and a junior in the class. We were doing a chatterbox that looked like mountains all together. It was happening last Wednesday when the bell rang.
I was in the class with Room 8 students and with the teacher. We were doing this so we can get ideas from it for when we write our recount and I was excited about it.

Firstly, We were given a magazine, tore out a page and folded each corner into the center. When we folded the magazine there was lots of folding to do and there was lots of triangle´s to fold. We seem to be folding forever until we make a chatterbox.

Finally, We got to play with the chatterbox. When I made the chatterbox I straight away thought it looked like 4 mountains, volcanoes, stuck all together. When we finished it Ms Bracey said we can play with it until the end of the day or until we do more learning to do about fractions, maths, reading, inquiry, cybersmart.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Putting words together.

WALT: Putting ideas together.
                                                          Title:Putting the words in order.
Today in the afternoon me and some of the room 8 boys we got into 3 groups of 3 and done these words to put them in the right order but to me I thought it was going to be like a race or a big challenge and if one of the groups win they get tokens but our group and the other group that was next to us we had a tie finishing of the last text of puzzle that has not been done but the last one we done we got the last paper from the group next to the group next to us.  

Monday, September 3, 2018

Magic Snow.

            Beautiful Magic snow
WALT: A experiment with polymer to write a recount from the experience.

Wow! Today in the morning we made magic snow that was fluffy,
softly and it was like candy floss but the magic snow was white.   

Wow, we did this science measurement about the magic snow but I didn't do it by myself
I did it with my classroom that is Room 8 and Ms Bracey our teacher.

When I looked at the magic snow in the cup I thought it will strataway disappear when Ms Bracey tipped the
glass of water in the little cup with the little tiny pieces of the magic snow but when I first saw the magic
snow I felt excited.

At last
When Ms Bracey tipped more water in the white cup it started to explode like a big volcano but I was excited and shocked because I thought it was going to disappear or explode in my face.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


At boxing Ms Paxs showed us some of the boxing lessons
and boxing moves she showed us twist, jab, hock, rock,
uppercut and right cross in the hall with the medium
boxing gloves with some white little gloves that
goes with the boxing gloves. The boxing
gloves that were on the ground was
the colour blue, red and black there was like 13 or 12 or
11 red boxing gloves on the ground and
there was 10 blue boxing gloves
but the black boxing gloves had like the most.

Jordan.Me myself and I

Hi my name is Jordan today I am going to do an adventure to explore more about the dormant
volcano Rangitoto island at 7.30. Rangitoto island is a volcano that isn't extinct yet,
some people say it will probably still do like a big massive action and it will probably
explode big rocks out of the volcano.

I get blamed for something I do not do at school or at my house or at my
cousins and uncles house. Sometimes when I run around the house
one of my cousins does something wrong and blame it on one of
my siblings or me.   

I went to Rangitoto Island, I got warned for going to Rangitoto island on
friday at 7.30. because it will probably shake and make the mountain
brake and make the snow go down the big massive mountain but it
is a volcano that is a dormant volcano that will erupt any time, any
day and any where.     

Why? Because it will probably do a big massive action.  
Where? Rangitoto island.
What? Volcano might erupt on Rangitoto  island
Who? Me Jordan going on a adventure.
When? Going at 7.30.

Hey Jordan, I really like the way that you used the word
extinct that tells me that it is no longer active.

Hi Jordan, I really like the way that you put the three
elements in bold and I like the way you described
the volcano.


Monday, August 13, 2018

Using tidy numbers

Teenage girl

WALT: To write an introduction.

Once upon a time this teenage girl went into the forest to go look for her
friends because they said they were going to be in the forest somewhere
then she saw someone walking towards her.

He ran to her and put the diamond in her bag and got blamed for
something she didn't do.
  Europe's lost forests – study shows coverage has halved over Image result for forest

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Flip- Financial Literacy in primary

WALT: Financial Literacy in Primary.

Firstly in Flip Annabelle and Riched PWC that stands for
Price Waterhouse Coopers
they gave us these big medium books first annabelle and riched gave the
pinkish redish book that has money questions that says like how do you
earn money, how do you get money and how to save money.
Image result for pwc

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Thought cloud

WALT:Create my text, Increase the size of my writing, give depth to my clouds outline and replace the colour of the fill to clear.     

Making a cloud

How to make a cloud

WALT: Where do clouds come from?

1.Get a pincel

2.get some caesars

3.get a big jar

4.get a paper
5.tip some hot water in

6.put your paper on top of your jar

7.write down the things you see


WALT: Write a descriptive orientation.

On Christmas Eve Santa Claus who is a big fat jolly type went and got into a big trouble last week. During a big giant storm Santa Claus shine red, white and gold sleigh snapped, collapsed at the train station on the train track.
Image result for santa
Image result for santa

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Moon phases

WALT: Using google drawings to create the different moon phases.
I found challenging from explain about the moon's changing to other shapes.
I learnt how to make a animation of the moon phases.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Monday, May 21, 2018

Jordan. Week 1 Volleyball

Once we went to Volleyball on a windy monday with Mrs Bracey, friends and coach Elondor outside on the court's holding the squishy bouncy Volleyballs in our hands getting ready to serve the ball to the other person on the other side. When we were serving the ball to the other person on the other side it kept on going over the fence because the wind was blowing the soft light volleyball over the fence that's why Mrs Bracey kept on getting the volleyballs over the fence.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Jordan First panmure bridge

First Panmure Bridge.

Once we went to the yacht club to view the site of the first Panmure Bridge at Tamaki river. The first Panmure bridge was the first swing Bridge that got built in Panmure but then people were going over the swing bridge to go to Pakuranga to get vegetables fruits and kumara. The swing Bridge is one of those Bridges that open sideways or up and down for the boats to go through. The first bridge got collapsed because It couldn't carry that much cars on the swing Bridge.

Hemi was the first one to travel to the Panmure swing Bridge to go to Pakuranga to grow plants and fruits to go back to australia to make more money.                             

The next bridge.

2 weeks ago in america there was a footbridge that collapsed pass the cars on a 8 lane highway. The Bridge was built 6 hours ago in america on top of the 8 lane highway then the people in the cars got crushed more people than 10 died but some of the people survived out of the emergency before that the Bridge collapsed on the cars at the bottom of the 2nd Bridge.

Image result for the first panmure bridge