Thursday, April 12, 2018

Jordan First panmure bridge

First Panmure Bridge.

Once we went to the yacht club to view the site of the first Panmure Bridge at Tamaki river. The first Panmure bridge was the first swing Bridge that got built in Panmure but then people were going over the swing bridge to go to Pakuranga to get vegetables fruits and kumara. The swing Bridge is one of those Bridges that open sideways or up and down for the boats to go through. The first bridge got collapsed because It couldn't carry that much cars on the swing Bridge.

Hemi was the first one to travel to the Panmure swing Bridge to go to Pakuranga to grow plants and fruits to go back to australia to make more money.                             

The next bridge.

2 weeks ago in america there was a footbridge that collapsed pass the cars on a 8 lane highway. The Bridge was built 6 hours ago in america on top of the 8 lane highway then the people in the cars got crushed more people than 10 died but some of the people survived out of the emergency before that the Bridge collapsed on the cars at the bottom of the 2nd Bridge.

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